SCAD Graduate in 2006. Bachelor's in Film and Digital Media with a Minor in Sound Design.

Raphael is an art and technology enthusiast always focused on bridging and expanding storytelling through creative narrative. In order to accomplish that, Raphael’s has learned valuable leadership skills when managing human resources and financial limitations in budget as a director; turning one hundred dollars into a one hundred thousand dollar looking film. Keeping a set moving and not going over shooting time is key, as various directors have a hard time putting aside their ego and delivering what needs to be done in the production at hand. Raphael has spent most of his career learning all the crafts, working in almost all positions in the audio-visual realm. This experience has allowed him to work effectively with clients, productions companies and talent in reaching the ideal goal through creative solutions.
Technological knowledge is key in our digital content world today, as everyday new cameras are released and new distribution platforms are unveiled. Raphael brought in 2006 the first 4K Digital Cinema Camera to Brazil, the RED ONE. Through it’s camera company, Raphael modernized the market and implemented digital workflows in numerous production companies that had only worked with film at that point. Like the RED Cameras, Raphael was one of the few Brazilian directors to go immersive under 360º video, which later would become Virtual Reality.


MEXE MEXE - Lucy (2019)

PRETINHO TIPO A - Léo Santana & Thiaguinho (2019)

DOMINGANDO - Thiaguinho (2019)

Minha Vida é Kiu #PartiuViagem (2019)

COPA UNIÃO (2012) - Trailer


MIOPIA OCULAR - AcusTHico#3 (2018)

VAI FERNANDINHA (2017) - Fernanda Paes Leme

VAI FERNANDINHA (2017) - Anitta


EM SUAS MÃOS - Vitinho (2018)

SÓ VEM (REMIX) - Thiaguinho (2018)

NA NOSSA SALA - Thiaguinho (2017)

FESTA DE PASSISTA - Funk Samba Clube (2017)

MINHA NAMORADA - Ferrugem (2017)

FEATURE FILM REEL (2013 to 2016)

BEERSTORMING PROMO (Discovery Channel)

VAMO QUE VAMO - Thiaguinho (2015)

ENSABOADO - Ferrugem (2015)

O MUNDO É NOSSO - MC Duduzinho (2015)